Thursday, April 8, 2010


Call this week has been busy. Each night has had its fill of the latest SP/GAK (status post getting a++ kicked). Evey patient seem s to say that they were hit with a tire iron. I dont know about you, but the tire thing in my car is this little flimsy thing that is hard as heck to get out and is only about 10 inches long. Even if I was mad, I dont think I could figure out how to get that thing out, much less figure out how to use it to hit someone. I stopped at Autozone to get some tranny fluid and asked if they had any tire irons. They didn't. In fact they weren't even sure where to go to get one and suggested Tractor Supply. So I guess you should watch out if you are at Tractor Supply.

What ever happened to axe handles and baseball bats. Well I know about baseball bats. A good wood baseball bat will set you back a bit. An aluminum just doesnt seem bad a+++, and a composite is both expensive and flashy. You cant buy lead pipes anymore, copper can be sold for top dollar and no one is afraid of PVC. I guess 2x4s are the only way to go. I wonder if my nexy SP/GAK will be a 2x4xface?