Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tomcat Social Economics

Our accountants moved into an old historic building (for tax reasons, but that is another rant). One of the first things they noticed was for an old building, there was not a mouse to be found. They soon discovered that a small Tomcat was living just behind the building in a small crawl space. Some of the people decided it would be nice so they started feeding the Tomcat. Before they knew it, they had mice everywhere. You couldn't leave your lunch uncovered while you went to the restroom because a mouse would be there. The Tomcat got fatter and fatter. Infact, if you didnt feed it, it would go from window to window crying until it got something. Then it wanted to be fed more and more. Soon, there was not only the one tomcat, but a whole bunch of cats. They were everywhere! All whining for food. The original tomcat was so fat, he couldnt catch a mouse if he tried! Becuase there were so many cats the cat poop was everywhere! The accounting group had to have a called staff meeting about the cats. The cost of the exterminators to take care of the mice was astronomical. Clients were offended by the cats and the odor. In the meeting the people who were the ones who started it all complained that they just couldnt stop feeding the cats, somebody had to take care of them! When all was said and done, the group decided that no one was to feed the cats, if someone felt strong enough that the cats needed support, they could take them home!

Interesting thing. The cats mewed at everyone and screamed through the windows for what seemed like weeks, and then went away. The exterminators caught up with the mice. A few weeks later there were couple of cats living in the crawl space. They could be seen in the morning hunting mice. No one saw any mice in the building.


SeaSpray said...

Clever analogy!

Gross situation.

Off Topic:

Did you see the new commercial in which good ol' Andy Griffith is espousing all the wonderful benefits of the new health plan?

I'll bet he is *clueless* (has to be)about what people will NOT have access to. How the already insured will pay more for their premiums for less benefits. Wait .. help ..stop me ..major rant ERUPTING!

You're more familiar with this HC debacle than I am. breathe ..SeaSpray ..breathe... :)

I just saw the commercial tonight. I mean what people that grew up with Mayberry, Andy, Barney, Oapy (sp?),Aunt Bea and the other good folk of Mayberry wouldn't just think if Andy says it must be true? *SIGH!*

And now I'm gonna go watch Scrubs I had on hold with TiVo. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Throckmorton - This is totally off topic, but wonder if you've seen this?

Gee ..I get to sue for up to 100.00 ..even though I was happy with the product and had no ill effects from it. I actually did feel it helped me at a time I was having issues and even pursued a specialist. May've been the placebo effect because I was cleared.

I can appreciate the fact that false advertisement is wrong - but to pay out when can't prove harm. OOOH their psyches must be soooo very damaged.

I would never take money for something just because I could. Not Right. If I read numbers right ..lawyers get 10,000.000.

Another off topic, but thought of you a few nights ago when friend's daughter came over to use computer to apply for a job at Staples. The online application was unbelievable in length with legal disclaimer, etc. You needed to be a lawyer to get through it! Shoot ..whatever happened to just putting personal info, front back experiences references?

Just expressing frustration in how complex even the simple things are.

It's the darn frivolous lawsuits!

Anonymous said...