Saturday, November 20, 2010

Even God cant afford ObamaCare

We just had one of our hospital staff meetings. I was surprised because the place was packed. This is a good sign that something big was going on and I was out of the loop as usual. The medical center was announcing its latest cuts in services. To justify the cuts it showed the financials of each department. OB was a bottomless pit, anchor babies parents tend to not pay thier bills. The only things that made a proffit in the EDs was the parking garage. Then they went into Obamacare. Because of the higher copays coming up this year they expect a huge drop in the elective procedures. Not one of the private insurance companies is offering a contract that will offset the increased costs of Obamacare and the number of uninsured is skyrocketing. The good news was that we are still in business. We looked at some of the other medical systems. Catholic Health Partners which is one of the biggest truly nonproffit, send us your poor is selling off hospitals, equipment, everything. In many areas they are the only rescue net there is for the needy. You know something is bad when even God cant afford it.

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SeaSpray said...

That's funny. Sad and alarming of course ..but point well taken.

Of course God can afford it ..if the people in charge managed money better.

It would be a great time for a miracle ..some financial manna from heaven. :)