Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Obama and Newtons Third Law

I have noticed that Obama seems to be a physics major as everthing he does seems to follow Newtons third law. This came very true last night when we had a big board meeting where all the health insurance providers for our staff presented their contract offers. The cheapest that would let our folks keep their same coverage had a 27% increase. BlueCross was 43%, United Health 37%, Cigna 54% and Aetna 51%. Perhaps, instead of having him push a bill to decrease our healthcare costs, we could get him to push and pass one to raise them?


Andrew_M_Garland said...

Obama's Law of Government - 1:

Government jobs provide health insurance and pensions. Private sector jobs often do not. So, everyone should work for the government. They would be better off.

Application of OLG-1: Unions are smart and enthusiastically agree.

Obama's Law of Government - 2:

Many stupid people don't agree with OLG-1. So, they are incompetent to act in their own self interest. These people must be nudged into ageement, by being made into government workers whether they at first like it or not.

Application of OLG-2: The first group to be nudged is the doctors.

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SeaSpray said...

Newton's Third law - that's funny!

And it's all disturbing of course.

guessing y'all opted to stay with what you have.

Our son (the 22 yr old/in college)is being *re-enrolled* to our federal health plan today for coverage to resume effective Jan 1st.

Federal insurances were excluded from *automatic* continuation of young adults to age 26. They remove the person one month after their 22nd birthday and then give option for temporary cobra (not great coverage)until regular coverage resumes.

I know I am repeating myself/venting ...but I have a feeling this federal plan did this just so they can charge more. Like with home owners or car ..if you request for more coverage ..you pay for more coverage. I do hope I am wrong.

I do understand that.

But ... he was *already paid for on the family plan this year* and so why shouldn't THAT coverage continue through to the end of the year ...just as it has since he was born in 1988?