Sunday, November 14, 2010

It is what it is

I was listening to several of the news talkers the other day. They were having a big argument about being conservative and liberal. I decided that I think the big argument is about those who are "it is what it is" and those who are "it shouldnt be that way". I think that both are ok because the former deals with the situation and the other tries to change things and somewhere in the middle is a good thing. The problem I see the most though, is when those that are in the "it shouldnt be that way" camp refuse to accept the situation that is present.

I had that thing happen just the other day. I had a patient in the office who is a local liberal radio personality. On his show there was an argument about "dont ask, dont tell" which he really hates. A caller asked the host if it was ok for men to shower with his daughters. He said no. The caller then asked if men shouldnt shower with his daughters, why should gay men be allowed to shower with other men? The host got flustered. He then said, "people dont always get sexually excited in the shower". The caller said, why then can men not shower with your daughters? The host got slustered and then fell back on "it shouldnt be that way".

I had to give the host some medical news. It didnt go so well, all I got was it "shouldnt be that way". The problem was, it was what it was.

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SeaSpray said...


I think for the latter group, it's just that the alternative of accepting/just giving into it may be fraught with worse consequences than resistance.

I can relate to "shouldnt be that way". The problem was, it was what it was." for personal reasons ..yet appreciate your position.

Regarding "people dont always get sexually excited in the shower", on what planet? The POINT is if a person is attracted to another ...there is a strong likelyhood seeing them naked in the shower could exacerbate the feelings. but even more important ...what about the other person ...feeling uncomfortable? It is about 2 people ..not just one sided. Ignorance is bliss.

The host's argument was lame.