Saturday, December 18, 2010

Frank's Blood

I familiar with A, B, O and even the rh blood types, but Frank's blood is in a league all by itself. It seems to only come from foleys, ng tubes, et tubes or chest tubes late at night. Its volume can not be quantified, it can not be typed, it can only be reported. It is always bright red but turns immediately brownish black whenever a MD inspects it. It will always saturate a dressing which can never be located to see just how much it was. The untrained often think it is Gross's bleeding which is quite hard to miss.


SeaSpray said...

Admittedly ..I am not understanding this post.

Are you facetiously saying that nursing is calling you out for something that they misunderstood. Brown/black blood? Isn't that indicative of old blood and so Frank stops bleeding by the time you get there?

SeaSpray said...

So Throckmorton ...Is the answer in my questions? :)