Thursday, December 16, 2010

Medicare Fraud(fraud)

In the office we are always seeing patients who are on full Medicare and Social Security Disability who as near as we can tell are very employable. They are able to drive, play sports, shop and file endless complaints about everything. It came to a real head the other day when we had one of our cancer patients who has bone mets, pathologic spine fractures, intractable pain and partial hemiparalysis get his disability declined. All this while one of the "fibro" patients is mad because she might miss her golf luncheon.

Our ever wise, observant, master of all things receptionist, biller, scheduler decided to call that Medicare Fraud line that has been so common on the TV. (these are part of the multimillion dollar ad campaign launched by the government about reporting Medicare fraud). She tried to report suspected Medicare and disability fraud. Turns out, there is no where to really report it. There is really no one to talk to. In fact, they don't care. So, she called the Social Security Administration. Guess what? She got the same thing.

Just goes to show you, reporting Medicare Fraud is a fraud!


SeaSpray said...

But when you send documentation about his current status ..won't they approve it?

Life really isn't fair sometimes. You know TM ..your profile is apropos.

"A mere footsoldier stuck in the medical-legal battlefield, trying to save the civilians, protect the troops, avoid the mines and identify the saboteurs."

I guess sometimes it is one skirmish at a time. It really is a never ending battle and it just should not be this way. the time should be spent doctoring the people you want to help.

The MDCR machine is so huge that the left doesn't know what the right is doing.

It's great that you appreciate your receptionist. :)

SeaSpray said...

"one of our cancer patients who has bone mets, pathologic spine fractures, intractable pain and partial hemiparalysis "

It must be really hard for you sometimes when you see the contrast in patients -med conditions/attitude/expectations/appreciation.

And it must be hard to see them so ill... and then to see those with lesser problems receive better benefits, etc.

I don't know how you can stand to see patients you get to know, deteriorate before your eyes. understanding exactly what they are going through. I guess you just have to focus on how you can help them and remember all the successes with other patients.

Sorry a bit off track. That part of the sentence moved me.