Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vet Med

One of my patients is a veterinarian who recently had surgery. She showed me her itemized bills from the hospital, surgeon, anesthesia and lab. She then showed how much her insurance paid and how much she had out of pocket. Lastly, she showed me the total cost. I wondered why she was showing me all this, since she was here for another reason. Then she grinned and handed me another bill. It was for the exact same surgery that she had performed on a dog. It was more and she got paid in cash!


Chrysalis Angel said...

Ohhh, snap! That's just cruel.

SeaSpray said...

Ouch! And funny. Obviously she was comfortable enough to do that with you.

But ...I also wonder how many people have their animals put down because they don't have ins or money to pay for the more serious/expensive care?

Back in 05 we paid 3,000 out of pocket for our Shepherd's emergency care. If it happened this year would not be doable.

I wonder how this economy is affecting veterinary care? Both the vet's office and the pound told me that more people are abandoning their animals ..not even getting them into pounds. We recently adopted an older puppy found wandering... no ID.