Friday, January 28, 2011

Federal Working Hours

We had a big incident at the medical center where one facility who could have taken care of a patient instead chose to transfer them on to another. I had to discuss this with our regional CMS office. I went to return their call. It was 8:00am. I was told that the person I was trying to reach usually doesn't come in to about 9 or 930. Not that they were in a meeting, just that this was the time they choose to come to work. I got busy and then called at 11:30. They had left for lunch. I called at 1:30. They were not back from lunch yet. I called at 3:45. They had already left for the day. I asked to speak to the supervisor. Turns out the supervisor was the one that I had been calling for all along. I decided to call the main office. It was 4:15 their time. I got the message that their office was open 9 to 5, and that I should call back the next business day? Got to love the Feds.


SeaSpray said...

To say that must've been frustrating for you is an understatement, I'm sure.

I wonder if her superiors know?

Off topic ..but reminds me of a woman at our hospital assistant supervisor ..who used to have people punch her in and out when she was NOT there. That was reason for dismissal for both parties. Fortunately someone did report her and she was let go, but went on for quite awhile. The staff involved resented it, but were afraid to report.

rotator said...

Used to get a kick out of postal workers taking a week or 10d off for a minor skin lac. "Can't go back til
the sutures are out". Then there
are the Mexicans who go back to work
from the ED after a repair of an
open muscle lac that has to hurt like
hell, no request for pain meds.