Friday, January 28, 2011

Real World Lesson 1

It has been the usual week on call with lots of un insured patients coming to the er instead of stopping by a walk in clinic and paying cash. What has been unusual is that three of the first real cases were patients who had great health insurance until the 1st of January when it became so costly, their employers asked the employees to pay some of it. Of course, they didn't, so here they are now without insurance. Real World Lesson 1: Obama care costs more and results in less people with health insurance.


rnraquel said...


SeaSpray said...

So sad for the people. And frustrating and maddening for you all.

And infuriating ..knowing how this all got pushed through without them even knowing what was in it or the long term effects. I almost can't stand to think about it.

On the upside for us far appears that our ins company did not charge us anymore to add our son back on as I thought they would.

And appears our premiums have not skyrocketed.

I wonder if it is because it is the same ins that the politicians in Washington have? that is what an ins rep told me last fall ..that they have the same high option plan. Although ..I am thinking they probably get added perks and also's free for them ...I think.

Of course ..I don't know if there is a trade off with some other coverage in the plan and need to review it.

I have never experienced such negativity in our country as now. And I recall the Vietnam war, recession of the mid/late 70s/Carter, etc.

I don't understand why the politicians can't see the negative consequences in passing the obama bill. ?