Sunday, January 30, 2011

Squad 51, Squad 51

On call, one of the hardest things to get used to is to be in the deepest of sleep and then have to wake up and immediately run in to the hospital and perform something complex at a moments notice. The littlest things help ease it though. Instead of using beepers, we now use our cell phones. Before you would get the page, roll over and see the number of the ER. There would be a groan and then you would dial it not knowing is they needed and order for Zofran or that you had to get there stat because someone was bleeding out. Each time the beeper went off, there would be that little bit of anxiety. One of the big problems it that quite often, it was enough to make it hard to get back to sleep. With our cell phones, the text message goes off and right there is what is the problem.

Now, the fun part is when the ED calls or another part in one of the medical centers, we can assign them a ring tone. The ED is the Squad 51, Squad 51 from the old TV series Emergency. The patient placement/transfer office which is where they tell you another dump is coming in from somewhere is "Incoming tactical NUKE" from the Transformers Movie. Hospital Administration is "Run Away, Run Away" from Holy Grail. Fast track, which is like a mini-ed why are you here place is a Siamese cat whining. There are a bunch more but is Sunday morning and like always we are of to the OR for something that was elective 2 months ago but is now urgent!

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SeaSpray said...

Okay ...that is really FUNNY! :) Good idea because it probably makes you chuckle inside ..even tho it's news you don't want.

I can't believe I never saw squad 51. The only medical shows I saw back then ..Dr Kildare(sp?)and Dr Welby. I wanted to be Consuela on Dr Welby. :)

I used to have "The Pink Panther" theme song on my cell. Always made me smile and I secretly wanted to start slinking around corners like a spy. if I played it now ..I'd want to slink.

Anyway ..great that it's easier for you with texting, etc. :)

I understand a patient putting things off, although it was really dumb to hobble around on a torn meniscus for a year before I caved (because I could not walk)and got the SDS surgery. I didn't realize it was that serious. Duh! I know. And I walked out better than I went in and I was fixed. i tell everyone with that injury DON'T put it off and they will be so happy when it's done.

As I am sure you know ..there are all kinds of reasons patients delay surgery. Convenience,jobs,fear,money, etc.

I'm in that boat now ...but mine would NOT be a little SDS surgery. So much to be concerned about. Really. Could be life and death or disability. Could be better quality of life and done with it all once and for all and I get my life back without all this fear and worry. But I've not been willing to spin the wheel to see where I will land. It's my life. My risks. I'm between a rock and a hard place. I realize I may just be forced into it. It's been hard choosing the alternative time and again. But ..I'm here.I just hope my docs really understand and aren't annoyed at me. I think they understand...but I know it is a frustrating situation. But no one could possibly be more frustrated than me.

And I'll tell you what Throckmorton ...if I could just know ..just know it will all work out ..*if* I were to have another relapse ..then I wouldn't resist.

And you may think I'm crazy ..but I am hoping that *this* time ..this time I will finally be healed ..because miracles do happen.

And if it doesn't work out the way I want ..then I will have to surrender and accept my fate..which will probably be alright... but I just know what a big deal it is.

Hey ..ya can't blame a girl for trying. :)