Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jelco, I Miss you!

Yet another JACHO inspection is coming. Someone found my stash of Jelco's. Over the years I have learned to put these into about any vein, use them artlines and even drain abscesses. As part of a "safety program" the medical center has been replacing them with these crazy expensive things that you have to push a button or slide a snap or do something else other than just put in the IV. Worse, you then have to unscrew the darned things while the blood drips on the floor tyring to insert the IV line. I guess to improve "safety" we have to stick the patient more times and use these impractical things.

I have heard we can get some on the black market. With the drug shortages maybe I can swap some anectine for a case of 18Gs.


SeaSpray said...

And yet another straw on the camel's back.

Maybe they weighed the pros and cons and thought way to go?

But it seems with many things these days ...they do things that seem good upfront but consequences be damned they are incapable of seeing the big picture at the end.

I thought of you the other night when I read an article about the antibiotics in Europe not eradicating infections and drug companies see it as a loss to come up with new ones. Scary stuff.

SeaSpray said...

You may've already seen this. I like the Untouchables analogy.