Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Net Loss

Had to go to one of those dreaded third quarter status meetings of the medical center. Here is the breakdown. Patient volume, up. Reimbursement down. Overall costs up. Termination of 54 nurses (rns/lpns). Hiring of 71 "data management specialists". (they make more than the nurses do!)

So, in order to take better care of patients, we have had to fire those that take care of patients and then hire more people to take care of the computers. On the brighter side, we have more people to take care of who cant pay with less people to do it.


SeaSpray said...

There is something I just don't understand and maybe you don't want to answer or don't know.

It seems that commonsense went out before the nurses did. Basic common sense and ability to prioritize matters of importance.

My question is ...Don't physicians have any say in these erroneous decisions that are counterproductive to their patient's quality of care?

I know there has to be compromise ...but, it seems you are the ones with the medical expertise and clout that need to stand against anything that compromises patient care. ?

Throckmorton said...

I wish physicians did have a say. Unfortuantely, it seems that everythng these days is about complying with yet another mandate that has nothing to do woth patient care.