Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meaningful misuse

We just got informed of all the things that we have to do to satisfy the ObamaCare "meaningful use" electronic records mandate.  At every patient visit we must determine the patients body mass index and then counsel them on weight loss, diet and nutrition.  We must also inquire about domestic abuse and offer counseling and arrange resources.  We then must discuss smoking, smoking cessation and discuss medications to help smoking.  Then in the little time that is left, we can discuss the tumor that is trying to take your life, that is unless there is another "meaningful" mandate.


SeaSpray said...

But, you're a surgeon. ?

Doesn't that fall into the PCP territory?

And ...what will happen with these mandates and your system if the Obama bill is reversed by the Supreme Court? Do you know if things will change for the better for you or are these permanently implemented regardless? Just curious?

I noticed a difference in my doc's office today ...too tired to expound tho - loooong day/night.

Okay one thing ...I want Dr Welby days back. It's not happening ...I know. I feel sad about how everyone is *rushing* so much and how much things have changed for med staff and patients in med offices and hospitals.

I hope it gets better for your office Throckmorton.

Andrew_M_Garland said...

Possibly, the doctor does not have to personally, verbally provide those services.

How about dedicating an exam room as a "meaningful EMR" room. Give the patient a clipboard and pen, and play a recording which asks all of the relevant questions. The patient can check off his responses.

If this is an established patient, he can check off his responses. Maybe this would save some time.

Be sure to inform the patient that this time for reflection and form-filling is a service required by national health standards and ObamaCare.

Chad Stom said...

As a long time ER nurse, I have been asking these questions long befor the Healthcare Reform Act ever came into existence. Especially the smoking and domestic violence aspect. Happens during every triage. It started with Healthy People 2010. Look it up, it predates "Obamacare". I do agree that this new way isn't great, but it does have good aspects as well. That person with the tumor now has a right to health insurance without having to wait d/t his pre-existing condition. And they may have gotten that tumor from smoking and needs counseling to help them quit.