Saturday, August 4, 2012

Scab Eaters

We have just been overrun by scab eaters.  We already had quite a few but the number seems to just have exploded.  For those who aren't in the hand sanitized trenches, meth heads get the pops which are little blister zits on their skin.  These scab over and then they pick and eat them because some of the meth is concentrated in the scab.  Our ICUs have closed circuit cameras so we can watch for emergencies and it is amazing how often we catch family members trying to syphon off some fentanyl from the IV drips, but what is worse is how many we see pick off the scabs of the comatose patient and eat them.  These scab eaters are the worse because if you didn't have the camera, you wouldn't know they are scab eaters.  You pass them in the hall and see them in the ICU waiting area where they just cant wait to go back and "be with their loved one".


SeaSpray said...


SeaSpray said...

Throckmorton - Do you think if Romney is elected they will be able to reverse any part of the hc bill? Or improve upon it so people that have insurance don't lose it?

He told people they could keep their insurance and their doctors.

But, he didn't say that is if you can afford the new higher premiums and your doctor still participates. :(

You've been silent on this topic since it was upheld. Just wondering. :)

But, I'm guessing you're just like everyone else ..just trying to keep up, stay afloat and stay ahead of it.