Sunday, August 12, 2012

8 Ball to the side pocket

Boy we are seeing a lot more IV drug abuse lately in addition to the meth.  When the IV drug users are having a hard time finding a vein, they start shooting into their neck right in the little pocket between the heads of the SCM.  When they hit the jugular vein, the crushed up junk goes straight into the heart where it crashes into the heart valves and the bacteria in it grows and before you know it, they have septic endocarditis sending little abcessess everywhere including their brain.  When they stick the needle in too far, they hit their carotid and get a nice little psuedoaneurysm that also gets infected and in enough time will rupture.  No matter what though, they always seen to come in to the ED at about 200am. IV antibiotics, open heart for valve replacement, carotid bypass graft, craniotomy for stealth guided abcess drainages, counselling, treatment program.  Back in 3 months to do it all again, priceless.


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SeaSpray said...

Throckmorton ...did you get swallowed up by your EMR system? ;)

Hows that all going now? probably busier than ever with it now.

I see most doctors have come out against obamacare. This election season is so stressful.

Hospital I worked in closed it's medical floor and now a satellite ER with some OP services. PCP grp I go to just merged with another lg grp. Providers have to make so many changes. And I recently learned that a local hospital bought the practice of one of docs a family member sees and he works for the hospital outside the hospital. So many changes with providers these days.

We need a change in Washington and they HAVE to get together to try to fix health care.

Things have to get better.

Your posts are missed.

PS - this is longer comment - and off topic. Please delete if you wish.

Happy Fall! :)