Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kwaulity with a K

This EMR stuff is driving me nuts.  Now we have to have all these quality measures that are mandated by the government.  All of these require more work that has nothing to do with why the patient is there.  In addition we have to complete all of these "quality measures" so the patient can have them  in the huge report that we have to generate while they are there.  The sad thing is the one most important quality measure that patients ask for is "that the doctor spend more time with them answering their questions".  So, in order to provide "quality" we have to spend less time with the patient on the reason they are there so we can focus on what they don't really want.


SeaSpray said...

One of my doctors recently converted over to the dark side EMR ;) and in the last visit ...I definitely noticed less vis-a-vis discussion because he had to be focused on the computer screen to fill in the answers. He's always good with me ..but it's different. And even with office staff - I'm not sure why ..but it feels different in main office and I think it has to do with the EMR - maybe it makes more work for them too - not sure. Or maybe it was just the day. Although I've seen busy days there. I guess some of these systems just suck the life out of you.

I do think it is probably easier for new doctors/nurses,etc., because it is all they know vs longer established docs who knew a more efficient way to practice medicine.

I hope the good eventually outweighs the bad and it gets easier over time.

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