Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rolling the Deductable Dice

We are being over run by patients who were advised to have an elective procedure who were waiting to see if they were going to meet their deductibles.  (rolling the dice)  Now they are finding out that their deductibles and out of pocket costs are going way up next year so they want everything done between now and the end of the year.  This seems to happen every year, but this year it is magnified by the huge jump in costs.  In our area the deductibles and out of pocket costs are doubling and patients are panicking.  Welcome to Obamacare.


SeaSpray said...

Welcome back Throckmorton! :)

I cannot believe how QUICKLY time is passing by and that time is running out to do the med things I have to do. And now already losing this week. Haven't checked our rates for next yr yet. I think ins is holding steady til 2014. But then you are saying provider prices going up?

I keep hearing more and more bad things about Obamacare. I cannot believe how bad things have gotten in this country and that so many people seem to be ignorant of the consequences of reelecting him. I truly feel the situation is dire and will get worse if Romney not elected.

I am so hoping Romney gets in and at least some of Obamacare is halted/reversed ..whatever.
But ..would that be good for doctors after you've implemented the new emr systems?

The stress of this election is unbelievable. Benghazigate - that those Seals were told to stand down ....and were never helped in any way and Americans died and that whole tragedy ... beyond words. The press not reporting. UNBELIEVABLE! Obamacare. Jobs. Oh an military cuts - seaquestration. (sp?) I've never seen anything like what this president and administration have done and don't do. And the press' culpability in it all too.

Off track - sorry - will prob delete. :)

SeaSpray said...

Romney. *sigh*

My life is so BUSY right now I can't even get to schedule the remaining things to be done ..never mind go. our rates aren't jumping much for 2013, but of course higher costs by providers mean higher copays.

Throckmorton - I don't know if you'll see this or want to answer or if you know yourself ...but ...what exactly does this new law of the land for health care mean in terms of existing patients? Do doctors know anything about this yet?

They talk about patient exchanges. Some states are rejecting them. (I think) And I've heard that companies will drop their insurances due to cost and their employees will then go into the exchange. And eventually - private insurances will be forced out of business or for the rich - who can afford to pay more money for the quality vs obamacare plans.

I'm still kind of shell shocked and can't believe our rights our being taken away like this (for both providers and patients)or at least it seems that way to me. The majority of people did-NOT-want-this. I believe help the poor and I think that after factoring in all the hidden costs of this bill and more is revealed all the time ...that in the end ...perhaps it would've been cheaper to simply work on ways to get insurance to the low income population vs overhauling the entire country's insurance programs. I know - moot point. Water over the bridge.