Saturday, December 22, 2012

Delta for the Worse

The year is almost over and Boy has it been a year for big changes in our practice of medicine.  We saw a huge decline in elective surgical and diagnostic procedures only to see a huge increase in the nonelective emergency procedures.  We have shortages of life saving and generic drugs.  The government is pushing to get patients out of the hospital faster and penalizing when they have to come back.  We are rated not by outcomes and lives saved but whether or not we give enough pain meds so that we get good Press Gainey scores.  The small community hospitals are closing or sending everything out.  Catholic hospitals are getting out of the healthcare business.  More children are losing their insurance.  Mental health care is nonexistent.  Doctors are jumping at the chance to opt out of Medicare and if you have Medicaid you are SOL.  Doctors offices have to use electronic records that report your personal information to the government but do nothing to improve your care except decrease your access.  When you go to the doctor, you may not even be seeing a doctor. 

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SeaSpray said...

I'm guessing people out of work or unable to afford rising premiums are putting off elective things and then end up coming in as emergencies as a result. (But it will all be better under Obamacare you know.;) I loathe the idea that government is interfering in our personal healthcare and all that means for us. I hope Catholic hospitals don't leave - we need them. I know that is the obama thing too.

*** Why are children losing insurance?*

I always prefer the doctor. It's pure logic really.

I want the one with the years of training, skill, expertise and experience. No brainer.

I keep saying this's like what was right is wrong and what was wrong is considered right.

And common sense. Where is common sense? And no one stands up ...I guess because it's all so out of control and everyone is just trying to manage what they can.