Sunday, December 23, 2012


 Somethings are a pain, sometimes for the patient, sometimes for the doctor, sometimes for both. I go up to round and as usual the nurse and assistant are no where to be found.  I check the chart and the computer and of course there are no drain outputs.  I ask the patient and she says well they emptied it in the morning and it had "fingers pinched" about this much.  Since that seems to be only a little bit and it has been in too long I decide to remove it.  There are no suture removal sets anywhere because they are all locked up in the "clean supply room".  I find a nurses aid who gives me the combination to get in to the room after she tells me, that "it is not her patient'.  Once in the room, I find all the suture removal sets are locked in the "Suremed".  I step out of the room and ask the unit secretary to page overhead the nurse who is taking care of my patient.  Turns out she was in the back in a mandatory computer order entry class.  Mad, she went to the supply room and came back with the removal set and went back to her class.  The patient just looked at me and then asked, can I go home now?


SeaSpray said...


That has to be beyond frustrating.

They also sound short staffed.

Sounds like some things needs to be addressed.

rnraquel said...


SeaSpray said...

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Year Throckmorton. :)

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