Friday, January 11, 2013

Negative fecal matter on the slide Dr. Sherlock

I know that you will find it amazing, but the recent Rand study (the same people who promoted EMRs) shows that Electronic medical records did not reduce medical costs nor did they improve care.


De Mon Coeur said...
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SeaSpray said...

Oh Throckmorton I'd LOVE to be a butterfly on the wall of physician lounges around the country, listening to the discussions over this article. I'm sure they're interesting and I am guessing *colorful* at times.

I heard something about this on the radio yesterday but missed the meat of it ...hearing just enough to feel an ...I KNEW it! What I did hear was about the MASSIVE undertaking it is to get all patient information into a national database and how errors can be perpetuated from any point along the way ...all dependent upon the accuracy of the person inputting the patient information. I've read about the increased risk of error in the med blogs prior to this though and it makes me crazy.

The other thing I heard is that some providers have or could (not clear on that) put false charges in because of how systems set up and the pt would never know it. Which could certainly hurt them if excessive and messed with their catastrophic limits at some point. Assuming people have private insurance long enough to be affected and not forced into single payer. But ..I digress. Anyway ..that was the first I've heard where providers can make money on it by putting in false charges (surgeries, tests, etc) and had thought if anything they lose money ..also not good.

And finally ...I recall that early on in this blog you mentioned how research results can be skewed and it seems that it certainly is a conflict of interest to have the companies funding the emr research to also benefit form the sales of said emrs. Thus it would also seem that perhaps the integrity of the research could've been compromised to favor the the companies they were beholden too. Do ya think?


Thanks for sharing. I wrote more but perhaps will turn into a post instead. :)

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