Sunday, January 13, 2013

Macular degeneration (cant see the disc)

We see patients from all over several states.  No matter how hard we ask, most of them forget to bring their xrays.  They will bring the report but not the actual films.  Our schedulers call them and specifically ask them to go to where they had their xrays and have them put the images on a disc and bring it with them to their appointment.  When they don't have their xrays the patients get mad because we really cant do anything until we see the films and blame us.


SeaSpray said...

I never understand people that blame others for their own mistakes.

One of my pet peeves.

They actually don't make the logical step of reasoning that the people they blame ...know exactly what happened and they - the blamer... always looks pathetic. Duh.

Bryann mcgrew said...

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