Sunday, June 23, 2013

Copay "Triple Pay"

I had to have a prescription filled at the local chain pharmacy.  The pharmacist handed me the script and it was only for 30 days instead of 90 days.  I asked why they altered the script for a smaller amount.  He got a little nervous.  I then said, my copay is 10 dollars for this generic, how much is the cost if I pay cash for all 90?  He got more nervous then said $14.  So, to get it straight they will break a 90 day script in to three 30 day scripts so they can triple the copay.  At first, the people in the line behind me were annoyed because I was taking so much time, after hearing what had transpired it was game on with each of them checking to see if their scripts had been altered.  This is the same chain pharmacy that is so determined on electronic scripts so that people cant call around to see who has the cheaper prices!

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SeaSpray said...

This is so weird!

I just requested a refill from pcp last week. It is usually a 30 day supply of the generic and cost 5 with our plan.

But for some reason, and for 1st time ...PCP ordered 90. (Usually only 30 at pharmacy and medco is 90 day supply) But he only filled half because they were out of the rest (water pill) and gave a yellow slip and said I had to come back for rest.

I wonder if I will be charged the additional copay?