Monday, August 26, 2013

Bumper Sticker Lib

I had an older patient who had afib and a stent and needed surgery for a malignancy.  Anesthesia saw him and wanted the opinion of his cardiologist in regards to his cardiac status.  The cardiologist then stated that they no longer accepted Medicare and that he would be happy to see him if he paid his usual and customary charge without any discount.  Needless to say the patient could not afford it.  I got on the phone and found another cardiologist who worked him up and we were able to do the surgery.  Today I was walking though the parking lot and saw the cardiologist who no longer accepts Medicare.  On his bumper were two stickers.  "If you have Medicare, thank a Democrat" and "Change".

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SeaSpray said...

Good for you Throckmorton!

And that other cardiologist.

Your patient must've felt hurt by his other doctor and so appreciative an relieved thanks to you and your other colleague.
I do wonder how the libs (especially physicians)can see all these awful things occurring because of their "hope and change" leader and administration and minions and still be supportive?

Gee must've taken some restraint when you saw that? :)

I think it will take some kind of miracle at this point to get us all out of this debacle. And miracles DO happen. :)