Friday, August 9, 2013


We are in a crisis in regards to Medicare patients who went with the AARP supplement.  With the Medicare cuts and now the poor reimbursement by the United Health AARP plan the medical center and all the surrounding hospitals are not accepting it for chemotherapy or radiation oncology.  Patients have to pay the out of network costs out of their pockets, that is if they can afford them.  I wonder if AARP is still glad that they supported Obamacare?


SeaSpray said...

I just heard there is an alternative to aarp - an ad on the radio called AMAC ..a conservative alternative - growing company. Don't know anything about it tho. Admittedly, I've been throwing aarp ads out since I was 50. never looked once. Maybe I should have for coupons? But I would not want to support them now.

The insurance issues are so alarming. I am praying we will still be able to afford our premium in 2014. This would NOT have been a problem if the obama bill wasn't forced thru. We counted on this during his working yrs - part of retirement plans. And no big deal for people who can afford high premiums but average middle class cannot with all the high energy and other bills now. Unbelievable!

I also cannot believe we have a president and administration who have destroyed so many innocent people's ability to carry their own ins and that they will now fall between the cracks, be forced to pay much more and for a lesser quality. Do the people that voted for this care about the millions now at risk for being uninsured when they were insured before? I've said it so much, but both parties should have been able to work on this and target specific areas to be fixed. I do not believe for a second that they care about people like they say they do. Or these things would not be allowed to go on and they would intervene for a better solution immediately.

I feel so sorry for medicare patients who will be losing coverage and their cherished doctors. :(

I imagine that as a physician, you see, know and experience so much more on many fronts with this new bill than you could ever have time to write about.

And WHERE are the republicans for fighting this?

SeaSpray tyrade over. :)

rotator said...

AARP gets most of its income from insurance sales.

This paradigm is the wave of the future as drug copays become one way of reducing costs. By amping up the copay for certain drug classes you effectively limit the use of that class, which will mean a large part of the population in 10yrs will no longer have access to drug regimens costing thousands of dollars per tx or per regimen such as advanced chemoRx and drugs ending in *ab. (Humira etc)
Oncology has already been hit between the eyes and more and more chemoRx has to be done at hospital infusion centers where, for now, they have a chance of recuperating the costs, where office based centers have been cut off at the knees. This will get worse.