Monday, August 26, 2013

Bathroom Oragami

I though I was imagining things.  I double checked, yes the toilet paper in the hospital was getting narrower.  I checked at home, it was narrower as well.  I didn't measure but I had the distinct thought that my bottom was getting bigger. This is a problem!  A Conspiracy!  before I could dwell on the possible regulations and profit motivations of decreasing the toilet paper by a half inch I went into problem solving mode.  How do you fold something to make it wider.  It turns out that you can fold the paper on itself in kind of a star rosette pattern that makes it at least 6 inches wide but it takes alot more paper. I decided I have two choices, be in the lavatory longer and have people yell "what is taking you so long?" and yell back "origami!", or just go in with a roll of Brawny.


SeaSpray said...

This post is a hoot! :)

And now you have me thinking.

I'm a committed Scott thousand sheet person ..from the days when we had an old septic. (thinner paper - yet strong) Oh and no lint ..well now a little since they went a tad softer.

Anyway .... I sort of thought the rolls looked smaller but never really let the thought land because after all it said one thousand sheets and I said ..oh they still have a thousand sheets.

I almost always get them at Costco and actually and going back this week to get more because 4.00 and I think better price in store for 36 rolls. I noticed in Walmart recently that a single roll is a dollar - just ridiculous.

I am telling you all this because your little HILARIOUS post has me wondering. Was the roll in Walmart bigger than the rolls in bulk?

And as soon as I sign off - I am going to pick up and look at a Scott roll in the bathroom.

I think you are on to something. I also didn't realize ice cream went from 1 gallon to 1.5 right away either. Crackers used to be 16 oz and now 9.5, and so on.

"Conspiracy! ", "star rosette pattern" and "origami!"

Hahahaha! :)

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Throckmorton - I hope you don't mind I got on a ROLL in my TP post ..inspired by your post of course and now because of that ROLL ..I'll be having cheesecake brunch in the morning because I just kept writing and reading about toilet paper tonight. haha! I gave you credit tho - for inspiration.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! :)