Tuesday, October 14, 2008


(The immediate immature Defensive mechanism prefered by children and politicians) I know that it is human nature to hide one's own culpability by immediately blaming others. It is kind of like, "he who smelt it, delt it". This economic crisis though takes the cake. There is the frontal assualt by those whose job was to oversee Freddy and Fannie Mae who want to point the finger at the President, others in Congress who want to blame only Wall Street instead of the laws that were enacted and the former President who wants the blame to be shared by all except himself.

It is like watching children try to explain how a tennis racquet ended up through the front living room window. No one seems to know what exactly happened but they all are sure that it is the other guys fault. One thing that I think you can always count on, when push comes to shove, politicians act like children without mindful parents.


SeaSpray said...
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SnowLite said...
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SeaSpray said...

I agree with you Throckmorton!

Great title! That's exactly what it is... a storm of accusations and denial. All parties involved talking/yelling over the other to cast blame away from themselves.

I wish I had money to invest in stocks. With McCain winning (I believe he will)I think energy is something to pay attention too... or what ever would tie into domestic energy as a result of drilling or discovery.

Btw... I still can't get over AIG using some of the bailout money to take certain employees to that EXPENSIVE spa! That was obscene and disgusting and they should be made to pay it back out of their own pockets! SERIOUSLY!

Unbelievable how many people have been hurt by this financial crisis. You mentioned insurance companies in a recent post. I started picturing a domino effect if things don't reverse.

Debate tonight! Yay! :)