Thursday, October 16, 2008


(Sensitive Compartmented Clearance) The surgeons lounge is often a free for all of discussions that are often fueled by the pressure of the days surgeries, delays and overall stress of operating. This leads to many ways to vent, with the most common being politics. Today, several of us that have been or still are military got into the subject of our security clearances. If you have never been through a clearance investigation, it is something that you would not believe. For a SCI they talked to everyone from my gradeschool teachers, neighbors, classmates, college friends and former lovers. In fact they gave me some extra credit for lovers that I never had! They whole process took over a year. One thing that amazed me was all my credit card receipts. Anyway, they knew the lot. We got to talking, if a politician is elected, what happens if they fail their clearance? I mean, what if a terrorist is elected or for that matter a spy? I mean, can they tell a Senator he cant be part of a discussion or a vote because it is above his clearance? I had to ask a friend of mine who is with the FBI, he gave me the sobering answer. The clearance comes with the job, meanining, if you get elected you get the clearance. They don't even bother to investigate.


SeaSpray said... know how they say that when you are angry... you should not react and immediately say what is on your mind or send that angry letter? That you should count to 10, sit on it or whatever...because often times you would not normally spew the anger? Well I should've taken a breather before going back to your blog.

*** I AM sorry I offended you.

Even though I am easy going...I am PASSIONATE with things that interest me and throw myself into them... and when it comes to politics..I admit..I do forget to put the reigns on sometimes.

I was reeling after watching the Matthews exchange with the pro-life woman and when I came back to reread your post to comment and your post reminded me of some things that frustrate me with the election and I will stop here. I don't know your views and I should have at least gone back to reread what I wrote before publishing it here... and it should've gone on my blog..not hijack yours.

*** I also apologize if I have offended any readers that may have seen it.

I will be relieved when the election is over and I hope it is a landslide one way or the other. I just can't go through the chad counting process and accusations again. I have a doctor appointment the next day and I'll probably go in exhausted from watching the talking heads all night. I think they see me as positive and upbeat (I really am) but if my guy loses... I am going to need consoling and of course I would never say anything about politics there.

It would be most interesting to be a butterfly on the wall in the surgeon's lounge and not just for politics... even more...the other conversations...the real inside view into the med world... as seen through a surgeons eyes.

SeaSpray said...

Throckmorton...I assumed you deleted my 1st comment as I asked you to if it was offensive and so I left the apology comment.

But it now occurs to me, that perhaps I hit the wrong button and it didn't publish here because I don't see where it would say it was removed by the blog administrator.

Your post was interesting and I could still say things but I will restrain myself.

So...did these extra lovers get you a higher rank? ;)