Sunday, May 10, 2009

He spent all my money and all I got to keep was the loose "CHANGE"

I could not help but feel the irony that this week the President announced that he wanted Americans to be responsible for their credit card spending and to not live beyond their means. He also then stated that he wants a bill of rights for the credit card users. Didn't he just max out the country's credit, put our grandchildren in debt for it and then change the tax code to stick it to us?

He took all of our tax money, plus that of our children and spent it all. The good news is that some got $500 back. The loose change of the $100,000 plus that his budget will put us in debt. Perhaps in that "bill of right for credit card users" it could include a statement that "credit users shall spend as much as possible with no consideration of limits and all amounts due shall be payed by others until their and their childrens assets have been exhausted."

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SeaSpray said...

The old "Don't do as I do, but do as I say." example.

Clever and usual. :)

I'm not familiar with this latest news. I wonder if when conservative politicians get back in, if reducing taxes will offset our grandchildren's debt... or is that carved in stone?

Or maybe we will get some new energy discovery and get miraculously out of debt because we will no longer be dependent on foreign oil. Never hurts to dream/have hope. :)