Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oops, I did it again!

I think that if you are suing the trauma center and the docs that saved your life, you should probably move to another city before you get shot in another drug deal. One of our local unregulated pharmaceutical distributors managed to get shot 7 times. The trauma team pulled him through but of course he has filed several lawsuits against the medical center claiming everything from chronic disabling pain to loss of consortium due to "negligence" of the doctors and not his GSWs. He has even managed to get full Social Security Disability. The suits are bogus but of course they are a slap in the face to the docs and still represent a huge pain in the neck. The guy is just trying to see if he can be a big enough pain to get some settlement.

Well, as luck would have it, he managed to get shot again in another drug deal and was brought right back to the trauma center where the group of docs that he is suing had to save his life again. Traditionally, trauma patients are entered into the system for their labs and xrays by a code name until their real name is known. He was recognized immediately by the ER staff. Rather than using the standard trauma name from the list, they entered him as Plaintiff Plaintiff into the computer. The doctors and nurses of the trauma center now refer to themselves as co-defendants.

I would hate to be in the intensive care unit with the docs and nurses who I am frivoulously suing in charge of my sedation and pain medication.


SeaSpray said...

"unregulated pharmaceutical distributors" That's funny! :)

It's really sad and maddening that people do those things. Talk about Ungrateful!

And tempting fate!

SeaSpray said...

i so very much RESPECTED what Dick Cheney had to say in his speech today. I wish I heard it in it's entirety.

Boy..will the media go on the attack now.

If we aren't militarily strong as a nation, not to be an aggressor, but a deterrent... then nothing else will matter in the end.

I can't help wondering what message has been going out to the world about us. ?

Did you see the encounter...or lack thereof between Obama and Netanyahu? Saw a body language piece between the 2 last nite that didn't need interpretation. Wow! That HAS to get better between them. i wonder if Israel is wondering if they are going to be on their own with this administration. The Israeli air force, trained by one of the best in the world and they are no nonsense and will do what they have to do. That will ultimately be the real hot spot in the world.

I hope you don't mind I went off topic but just inspired by Cheney.

Regarding our own natl security... I just wish our government stopped listening to the far left, ACLU, etc.