Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not the Disability I wanted!

How come if you are "legally completely disabled" you still get to drive? Today I had yet another disablity form cross my desk. We tell patients ahead of time that we do not fill these out as we are not qualified to determine disability. When the patients ask me why I am not qualified I answer that "I dont know why if you can drive why you cant get a job as a driver."


SeaSpray said...

My husband worked with someone who's husband was on permanent disability because of the circulation in his legs and he COULDN'T drive.

Guess what he did for a living?

He bought a long white limo and had a limousine business! My husband said he always walks around and didn't understand why he was on disability.

Made me happy tho. My girlfriend and I got a free limo ride to a Springsteen concert. :)

I will say tho that my girlfriend is on permanent disability and drives. I've mentioned it here before. Lungs of a 117 yr old woman because of severe asthma. (She has almost died with it a few times that I know of.) She does work one day a week for her doctor..sometimes 2.

She's not an invalid... but is limited and was ALWAYS a very hard worker before it got so bad and even during toward the end.

And here she has this genuine (I've seen it 1st hand and been working in registration when she came in by ambulance and admitted)potentially life threatening disability, does deserve the disability... but had to jump through hoops to get it and it took a while. It was a big deal!

What I wonder is how in the heck do some of these other people get on it? They must have very cooperative doctors or deserve an academy award for performance... or both.

She doesn't have to work now... but she wants to. her theory is what better place than for her doctor since he has been treating her all along! She's got a point. probably safer there than at home. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Heck of a thing if you are trained to do something that brings you a good income to provide for your family, and then you are reduced to working for minimum wage -because it's all you can do.

I think we've all seen someone on it, that you wonder how in the world they got on it,yet they can go hunting all day long.