Sunday, June 21, 2009

Agricultural Stimulus

I got to see an old patient in follow up. I love him to death and he has been fighting different cancers for years. As I looked for another, I teased him about the smell of smoke on his clothes, by saying "Gosh, how much are those cancer sticks now with all those taxes?" His answer was priceless, "I know that you cant get around death, but the taxes are easy!" Before I went into my stop smoking talk with him for the 50th time, I had to ask him what he meant. Well, he is an old farmer and it isn't that hard to plant a half acre of tobacco for his personal use and the use of some of his friends. Infact, they have sort of a co-op. He grows it, another person cuts and drys it while another grinds it. They then roll their own. He did confide that sometimes people give him some money for it. Turns out enough to pay the rent. As to the taxes, he said "I'm 79 and I have had cancer 4 different ways and it aint licked me yet, I'm going to roll in that social security as long as I can until I break even on all the money the governement took from me!"

I wonder how many others are growing tobacco in their gardens?

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SeaSpray said...

I LOVE this post! Including the picture!

First're so sweet to care about your patient that way. Sounds like you have a good rapport with each other and not only is it heartwarming.. but beneficial for both of you in terms of care..good communication, trust, respect, etc. It sounds like he's been through some tough times physically.. but he has a GREAT attitude!

Co-op idea cool. :) I wish we still had one around here. I'd volunteer again. There was a food co-op and the mgr would only bring in pure products. herbs, cheese, breads, beverages..all kinds of things and you did volunteer time in the store for a good discount.

Better than a health food store! That is when I learned health food stores have a lot of things that aren't so healthy and you have to know your ingredients.

Anyway.. I know the smoke isn't good... but is it any healthier than being laced with chemicals and do they use filters? I love ingenuity..or is it practicality? Both!

I loved going out to see most of my Lifeline clients. A lot were shut ins. If I could.. I'd stay and have a cup of tea and chat or let them show me things, etc. My coordinator encouraged it but it depended on how busy we both were. I always looked for something to comment on that I thought they might enjoy talking about..and did they. :)

My very last call before I stopped working... this sweet little Italian man brought me out to his garden, dug up some Greek oregano and wrapped it up for me to take home. He said it had the best flavor of all the oreganoes but was hard to get. He proudly told me how he made this Italian dish with the oregano, mozzarella and fresh garden tomatoes for his doctor and that his dr liked it so much.. he called him and asked him if he could make it for a party he was going to. Then he proudly told me that the dr said everyone really liked it and was all eaten up. This little old man was beaming. :)

I believe you doctors... the good ones.. mean a lot to your patients and they appreciate you very much. And it's nice to know that we patients can make you smile too. :)