Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baker Act vs Stark Law

For those outside of medicine, Democratic US Representative from California Pete Stark is the one who has added many laws to regulate medicine into other bills to hide their initial effects. Many of us consider his laws to be at the root of why their is not more competition in medicine and why it is regulated into a beurocratic mess. Anyway, if you had any doubt of Congressmans Starks sanity, here he is explaining that "the more our country is in debt, the better we are off" and many more of his great "insights"!

I wonder when some California physician will just use the Baker Act on him in the middle of the House of Representatives?

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SeaSpray said...

Holy mackerel! What an arrogant, obtuse SOB! That would be Stark of course.

Could he have been anymore condescending?

He made himself look like the ass (sorry -I rarely use that word)he really is.

True colors? Well... I guess he doesn't even try to hide them.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY... do these people come into power?????????

This should be shown everywhere!

I kept myself in a news free bubble over the weekend and it's the 1st thing I've let it's annoying. Going back to my bubble now. ;)

Oh... I had to look up the Baker act...VERY funny! Your sarcasm is greatly amusing. :)