Friday, June 12, 2009

"It's the ECONObama Stupid"

Survived another meeting this morning. It was with the medical center board of directors where they explain what business decisions have been made and relate it to the department chiefs of the medical staff. The long and short of it is that as there has been such an increase in self pay and medicaid patients, the hospital is going broke. They had been waiting it out but with the prospect of the proposed healthcare changes, expected impact of the taxing healthcare benefits and it larger government re-embursement they dont think they can make it. So, they are cutting 500 jobs across the medical system. Becuase many of the jobs are mandated by various regulations, the cuts will be in the clinical/nursing staff. So essentially, there will be cuts in the people who actually take care of patients, not in the paperwork pushers. Its the ECONObama!


SeaSpray said...

I'm sorry to hear that.

I am always amazed at how I would think they couldn't possibly make anymore staff cuts... the hospital would find a way.

I had such a secure job because I was the senior person and there had to be someone doing the work, covering the shift. The only way I would've lost my job is if the hospital closed.

What really bothers me about these things... not just in medicine... is that ever since buy outs and mergers began... late 80s -90s? didn't matter how long or hard you worked or how loyal you were, or experience... for/with a company... you could get your pink slip and au revoir.

It feels everyone for himself.

I always figured with the baby boomer population... medical field secure.. but maybe not right now.

It's scary to think of reduced nursing when you know they are probably already pared down. That means even less one on one... more computer entry time.

Why DON'T they get rid of the paper pushers?

Often times..middle management does get axed... and higher. At our hospital... they got rid of departmental supervisors and then took ED supervisor and also put her over ICU and house, etc. Respiratory sup. over all OP services. Of course i am out of the loop (unbelievably) 3 yrs who knows? maybe the patients supervise themselves.

Not only is it worse for the patients... and remaining nurses... but it must be annoying for you docs.

Does this economy effect hiring in physician offices? Or maybe not... because they need a certain support staff? they don't advertise locally or on line like they used to. Pretty sparse/slim pickins. I figured it is because no one is leaving because of the economy whereas in the past there was ample opportunity.
Different topic... but was frustrating.

Husband and son took sons car to a Chrysler dealer 31 miles from here..out of state..55 minutes one way because it has a recurring engine problem that the dealer down here can never find. Computer doesn't record the incidents. Engine light comes on, car loses power. then it passes..sorry..I am digressing...from the original digression. ;)

So yesterday..the owner calls (from NY state Chrysler dealer, apologized, said he knows what the problem is... but can't fix it.

Why not?

He said he didn't think it would be a problem until they went to fix it.

Why? of this past Tuesday... they are no longer a Chrysler dealer and so now...they can no longer access Chrysler computers... and so without the computers...they couldn't fix the car. *sigh* it is back at the local Chrysler dealer who had it 4 x in 2 yrs, never found anything wrong..even replaced a computer...they called to say... the CAN'T find anything wrong!

double *sigh*

I know..there are worse things... but geee!

Andrew_M_Garland said...

Doctors and healthcare have been placed under increasing government control for 20 years, adapting rather than protesting. It is understandable that the risks and costs of protesting always seem large compared to the "good intentioned" restrictions and regulations that are slowly imposed.

The average guy hasn't seen government control close up, except for those in banking and auto manufacturing.

The Department of Work and Production

A possible encounter of an ordinary guy with a government agency that is going to make his profession more efficient.

Joe: Will I still work for Acme International?

Official: You will physically work there, or somewhere else where you are most needed, but your work standards and pay will be coordinated through your professional license. All accountants will now be federally licensed, for the security of the country and for efficiency. The high, hidden costs of accounting must be reduced if we are to prosper as a nation. I'm sure you agree.

Joe: Well, I, uh . . .

Official: Good. You will be pleased with the changes in your compensation. First, we are going to raise your salary 20% in the amount that you either save or receive.

Joe: A 20% raise is great. What do you mean by "save or receive"?

SeaSpray said...

I heard on the news that Obama is speaking at the AMA convention today looking to gain physician support for his new plan.

If you're not there should be... you know... asking THOSE questions. :)

SeaSpray said...

P.S. Cause SOMEONE has to and it seems no one is challenging anything.

I feel like we are becoming a nation of STEPFORD WIVES!