Saturday, June 13, 2009

Auditory and Visual Hallucinations

I was flipping channels and came accross someone explaining that the price of gas is going up because of the inflation of the US dollars in overseas markets. They went on to describe how unmatched federal spending and huge US debt is causing the price of commodities to rapidly increase of which oil is one. They then had an expert come on and show how inflation causes loss of jobs, increased interest rates and overall stagnation of business. The overall message was that the "Stimulus" was causing oil to go up which will further stagnate US businesses and then the rest of inflation will cause further US economic decline.

I couldn't believe it, it was on CNN! I must have been hallucinating.

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SeaSpray said...

Yeah... but did anyone come on later to counter it stating "it's George Bush's fault? ;)

Well...that goes to show you... *Never say never!* :)

Btw... wasn't it really neat that George Bush senior... 85...parachuted out of a plane for his 85th birthday this week.? AWESOME!