Sunday, August 2, 2009


I generally do not get to ask questions to our "political elite" but happened to have one cornered in the hospital so I let them fly. I asked "If we shift our medical spending to prevention and early detection of diseases, doesn't that mean that people will still get sick and die but later and of different things? So, how does this save money?" He replied "well, we wont have the cost of chronic preventable diseases." I asked him "which ones", and "how does this make any savings", he started gulping air, so I went on. I mean, say we "prevent" cancer. People are going to get other things, like chronic renal failure, congestive heart failure, other "chronic diseases", it is not like people are not going to need medical care and just suddenly drop dead (about Medicare age). "So, are you going to stop treating these other things?" He started to have blepharospasm and I was worried that any minute he might code. He went to his fall back party line quote "most medical expenses occur in the last months of life", of course I threw back, "How does prevention change that?". I would love to have had him on telemetry to see what his st segments and t waves were doing, but then one of the residents paged with a crisis and I had to leave. I am sure that I will be in the hospital CEOs office soon, why do we have our names on our white coats.


SeaSpray said...

Good points!

P.S. You amuse me..the way you hone in on something and make them squirm when you disagree with something. I guess it feels refreshing to me because I have neither the knowledge nor the capability to do so and it is nice to know that somewhere out there someone is sticking it back to them..just a little.

I feel like everything is being SHOVED down our throats against our will.

I know we need change and the system is broken... but I am alarmed at the rapidity with which they want to pass this program without even knowing what it says and thus the long term consequences.

I'm just a lay person and it is so obvious to me that we need the insights of both political parties, sans lobbyists and we need physicians and insurance companies to all reason and hash this out together.

We've done so many great things as a country and been the beacon of light. We can do it again and be a role model if people would only stop being so greedy and self serving..if only they would work together for the good of our country and it's citizens. If only...

As someone who is at the younger baby boomer age... this rationing for elder care/conditions is also alarming..disturbing.

Exactly what criteria will be used to determine which patient will be *worthy* of care? Who's to say what one deems as an invaluable life...isn't still productive, contributing and loved for and by others? that is one slippery slope.

Sean Hannity was discussing his mother's breast CA on the radio recently. She had to have a very expensive drug. (I think 50,00 and not sure how frequently used or one time) It saved her life. She died 10 yrs later of something else. His point was that she would've died much earlier because the drug would not have been approved because it was so expensive.

It just seems like we are going BACKWARDS with medical care if we do not take advantage of the advancements and discoveries that can help us and who knows..maybe on day find a cure. Isn't that what science does? asks questions? Always looks for a better answer/solution? Advances mankind?

What's the point if we are going to suppress the availability of said scientific developments? Or is it just for the elite..the ones who have the means to rise above any federal program?

I know..I am jumping ahead.

And yes..there is something to be said for prevention. I am wrestling with reversing some things now. My head knows exactly what (seriously -I could write a book) to do but my body're kidding right?

Hey! If I ever overcome my personal would be book worthy! Shoot..downright MIRACULOUS! :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi TM - Check this out if you haven't seen it yet.

Of course the people are being referred to as crazies and press reported a tea party crowd of 8-10,000 in Ohio over weekend was 300 people.

In video...Sebelius was getting ticked off. GOOD! (not sure where this video was)

They should ALL (BOTH PARTIES) be concerned about their jobs!

I just hope people keep it civil and don't give anyone any reason to say they are violent or bad. One kook... would give the others just what they want to malign these well meaning ..fed up people.

Our country was founded on grass roots resistance. I think we need to give all government officials the message that it is time they uphold the constitution, *STOP perverting it for their own gain* and actually work for the people and the good of the country.

Or..maybe I am just hopelessly naive.

Okay..getting off soapbox now. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...
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