Saturday, August 29, 2009

Government Mandated Phones

Sitting down in the lounge between cases, I went to dictate my op note and grabbed the phone. It was bright red and next to it on the wall was a sign that informed me that this was a phone that would still be usuable in the event of a fire or electrical failure. The sign was one of those government signs that showed that this complied with the various federal laws that require such phone. It also said that in accordance with the Federal Law, the list of phone numbers of all the Red phones in the hospital is maintained on the hospitals intranet computer system where Federal Law mandates all emergency plans be located. I tried not to look, but had to. Yep, the computer was not red. I guess if there is an electrical failure, you first have to get the power back on to use the computers! Better yet, you could just fix the phones! Dont you just love how the government works!


QV4 said...

muy buen blog !!! saludos desde argentina.

SeaSpray said...

Your funny! "I tried not to look, but had to." LOL! :)

Don't they also have hard copies for emergency data in each department in designated areas? And staff kept current on location of said items? And tested annually on their knowledge of said items?

Then again..I've been out of the loop 3 years. Perhaps everything is in "the system" now.

So... does the phone reach Moscow... you know..DEFCON 1? ;)