Friday, August 28, 2009

Kennedy/Kopechne Health Care Bill

I saw that several attempts to insert an ammendment in to Obama's healthcare bill to require members of Congress to participate in a "public option" were killed in committee. Now some of the people sponsoring the bill want to rename the bill, the Kennedy Bill. Given Senator Kennedy's approach to healthcare I think it is appropriate, but should be called the Kennedy/Kopechne Health Care Bill. This way if you are a member of the elite such as a Senator and get an incurable tumor, you can fly by private air ambulalance to a medical center in another state for an expensive surgery and chemotherapy to prolong your life. If you are an average tax paying citizen, you just get driven off a bridge, left to drown and your family notified the next day by some random civil servant.


SeaSpray said...

I watched most of the memorial last night. I didn't realize some of the good things he has accomplished. That being said... I vehemently disagree with many of his policies!

I am impressed by how close knit the family is and how involved he was with them and seemed to look out for his brothers kids as well.

Uncles can make a huge impact on children. I was blessed with some terrific ones. :)

I find memorials always cause me to reflect and want to be a better person. If I knew them.. but was too busy to to be as involved as I could have.. then I regret not doing so. But life..we just get busy..we're not thinking about the finality of death and so let things slide. I think it's just the way it is. track..just pensive.

I really hope people don't fall for the Kennedy mystique, Camelot, familiarity, sentimentality the emotional aspect of this when deciding about the health care bill. you just know the dems are going to invoke his name through out this to drum up sympathy and cause people to want to honor him. i do hope people see through that. He will not be affected by the bill but *we will* be for years to come. I sincerely hope people have the foresight to see through those tactics.

Hope springs eternal. :)

Greg Shoom said...

Kennedy/Kopechne bill. Brilliant! I love it!