Friday, November 6, 2009

Angels fly home

We lost an angel today. We watched her grow and fight infection after infection, endure numerous days in the ICUs and pic lines after hickmans. Everyone in the hospital was her friend, she was our family. The nurses were her teachers, mothers and sisters. Each infection and episode of pancreatitis brought her pain which she endured with a smile. She would joke that she like sherbet ice cream even when she could only have it through her g-tube. Her cystic fibrosis made the hospital her home and her life. She was hoping to get a lung transplant but the flu was too strong. We miss you Lindy and know that you are not in pain.


SeaSpray said...

I am so sorry Throckmorton.

It sounds as though she was blessed to have all of you attending to her so lovingly and compassionately and I am sure she felt how much you all cared.

This post made me cry. It's beautifully written... and a beautiful title... and true.

She *is* home now .. fully restored and joyful.

Separation down here hurts.

It's hard to let go of people we care about or of our own lives. We all have our God given instinct to survive here. (for those that believe in an afterlife, God etc -I know not everyone does and so don't wish to offend anyone)My understanding is that there is a continuity between this life and the next ..except all is perfect there and we will continue to learn and grow. We will be known as we were known... talents here will carry over there... and it's going to be fun/interesting and so much more than we can appreciate on this side of things.

I am sure her family must've appreciated all that was done for her in the hospital by such compassionate people.

She's free and she's happy and no doubt smiling and in awe as she takes her new surroundings and encounters/experiences in.

SeaSpray said...

*Off tack alert*

I was reading some comments over in Dr Schwab's current Surgeonsblog post and Fuzzyfoot's comment caused me to think, "If only".

Thought you might appreciate the comment.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I'm sorry for the loss you feel. You are so right, no pain now.