Friday, November 6, 2009

Local and Vocal

We are in a medical crisis. On top of if all there is a severe shortage of propofol. There are two companies that make it. One had a contamination problem with metal shavings and I am not sure about the other but it has been recalled. The side effect is that is is scarce. So instead of a little bump of propofol for the needle sticks and the infusion of the lidocaine, you get some versed, fentynl and a bit of "just a little poke", "stay still"! I dont know about you but I will wait until propofol is back before any colonoscopy!


SeaSpray said...

OMG! I couldn't do it! No..I would NOT do it!

I HATE having amnesia and not being able to account for time. But I know there are some things you really are better off not remembering.

It just really bothers me to know that med staff knows things about me..probably really embarrassing things that I don't know about me. Control issue I guess. Don't like losing control of my mental faculties.. actually unnerves me a bit... a lot. ha! Even recently.. I can hardly remember post-op. I always remember post-op. Although.. the nice part of it is I didn't experience the miserable feeling part of waking up in post op... ha ha ..or I just don't remember. is a strange and uncomfortable feeling when you can't account for time.

I looked up propofol and thought it was amusing that they said it is refferred to as "milk of amnesia". That's funny! :)

A good friend of mine had to endure a colonoscopy without sedation because her heart couldn't handle it. I wonder why they weren't worried about her weak heart handling excrucaiting pain and humiliation?

Oh.. it was in a teaching hospital and so not only did she have the pain but also the humiliation of about 10 extra med students in the room watching. I felt so bad for her when I heard that!

SeaSpray said...

P.S. When I see the surgeon on Monday.. I will be seeing him as if he was in post op as far as information goes. I remember he gave me a pic.. but not much more and a nurse (I think) said I had asked a lot of repetitive questions. She was smiling when she said it and I wonder what i said. I ALWAYS wonder what I say or do... even get a bit squirrelly about it. It's just weird.

Oh and this is another good reason for the "milk of amnesia". i did not know..until reading the med blogs that they don't discharge you after a colonoscopy ...until... you pass GAS. How HUMILIATING is THAT? Ignorance is bliss. :)