Thursday, November 5, 2009

Signing out AMA

I hear that the American Medical Association claims that it represents Americas doctors but I sure cant find any in our town who believe it. From what I can tell, they may have about 13% of the physicians. Anyway, I cant figure out for the life of me why the AMA would even support Pelosi's healthcare bill. I know that many of us are scared of the SGR thing and it would decrease Medicare payments by over 20%, but man selling your soul?

The same goes for AARP. Did they even read the thing? Anyway, at least the docs I know are signing out of the AMA.


SeaSpray said...

Did you see any of that rally (approx 50,000) in Washington yesterday?

Saw a physician congressman on Greta discussing republican healthcare ideas and wanting to decrease lawyers influence. Greta had some even better ideas for restricting lawyers.

maybe the AMA id payed off in someway or they are in line with liberal ideologies. ?

A lot of the blogging docs complain about the AMA too.

I don't think anyone reads it and probably use interpretations of the bill.

rotator said...

AARP apparently makes a lot of its
~$1B annual income from licensing its name on medigap coverage insurance. Medicare Advantage has reduced demand for medigap and hence future income.
The pending health 'reform' bills
generally make life very difficult for Medicare Advantage, and likely
will abolish it over 3-4 yrs. This
has already started with reduced fed subsidies for Med Advantage resulting in larger charges in 2010 for existing suscribers. Presumably this will increase AARP income in the long run.