Monday, January 4, 2010

Anaclitic Alogia

I know that often politicians just follow a preplanned formal set of talking points that are given to them from someone higher up in the machine when they try to answer questions but the alogia that was displayed by the Senate Democrats about the healthcare bill was amazing. Watching CSPAN, each spoke with glassy eyes and avoided any specifics and was as elusive as possbile. I dont know who really was calling the shots, but their blind faith was shocking and they better watch out before whoever it is gives them the Kool-Aid.


SeaSpray said...

They don't KNOW the specifics! You're absolutely right .."blind faith"... and overt IDIOCY! I thought the Kool-aid caused it.

SeaSpray said...

I can't stand seeing the videos being played now with the president stating that they would work on the health bill with transparency on C-SPAN? Liar!

I am really scared about their passing this. They are I think.I hope I misunderstood and am wrong.