Friday, January 8, 2010

Like Obama and Guns

There is usually a big rush at the end of the year where people who have met their deductable try to get everything in. There is a smaller rush at the start of the year when people who did not meet their deductable the year before decide to get things done so that they meet it in the coming year. That being said, it is insanely busy right now. People are coming out of the woodwork to have everything done before "I wont be able to get it!" This has been everything from total joints to CABGs. One of my friends had a patient demand to have his bypass even though he did not need it yet because he was afraid that Congress would say that he was too old! I guess Cavuto was right when he said good short term investments would be in firearms, ammunition and healthcare.

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SeaSpray said...

I am one of those end of the year patients and have family go in too. Well last few years I meet deductible early.

Our friend's company insurance changed and they now have a plan where her husband's company gives them the money and it's up to them to make the bi-weekly insurance payments to the company they have to set up in a separate bank account or keep the money... their choice. ?? it escapes me why this is a good idea and she didn't understand it either... but has something to do with *if* Obama care is passed. ??

I do not want to lose our insurance or be taxed for it!

I have worried about future care too.