Friday, January 29, 2010


Got this in the email this morning! I't looks like I am not the only one!

OK, HUGE annoyance that just won't go away! You see a patient for a sprain/strain (not work comp) and then at some undefined time in the future you get a request from the patient for a return to work note. Ummmm never had you OFF work to start with, so I probably don't need to say it's ok for you to go back (you weren't supposed to be gone from work!).
Better yet, you didn't even see the patient (they were referred because you were the schmuck on call for the ER). And 3 weeks later they call you to request a return to work note. Ummm still NO.
Even better (and today's scenario), the patient went to the ER, you see the patient after for free follow up (medicaid or no insurance) and 3 weeks later you get a call from them saying they want you to send a note for return to work to their "turn the book over" Lawyer! Good God! NO you can't have a RTW note if I didn't take you OFF work to start with. And yes, I know that puts your job in jeopardy, and yes you might lose your job (while you are obviously trying to win some settlement for your terrible fictitious injury). But I'd be happy to send your lawyer a note (for a charge) stating that I never took you off work to begin with!
What is with people???

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SeaSpray said...

Funny title. I was a bit slow on the uptake but then as I continued reading I got it ..the NFW. :)

I can appreciate that would be a huge annoyance for you... and so wrong.

"turn the book over" Lawyer! Good God!" LOL!!