Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Umbilical Abortion

I just recieved an article from a friend that shows that in Rustberg, Virgina a woman gave birth and then suffocated the child to death. She was not charged with murder because the umbilical cord was still attached and she had not delivered the placenta. I wonder then where the abortion rights folks think murder begins?


SeaSpray said...

Oh Dear God Throckmorton!!!

That is horrible and hell on earth in my opinion!!!

I got into a discussion one nite with an ED doc who was pro-choice and when I expressed my dismay at partial birth abortion and said it was murder ...he was adamant that it is not a baby ..until the head is out.

So ..I wonder what do pro-choicers think they will find during a c-section a chicken or a frog???

Seriously ... who in their right mind can think those acts are not murder???

So Throckmorton...are you ready for the speech tonight? I have a surgery procedure bright and early tomorrow and have to get ready with things now..but hopefully I can kick back and see it or at least the talking heads.

I'm exercising the stent with all the water I'm trying to drink before the NPO cut off! :)

PlanetaryGear said...

Just because you have a right to do something, doesn't necessarily mean that you should do the thing. In this particular case I think an insanity defense will be more helpful than it was just an abortion defense... Regardless of criminal charges or not, I hope she's gotten the referrals she so obviously needs.