Thursday, July 29, 2010

Driving Ms. Disabled

It was one of those days. I lost count of how many of the patients I saw were "disabled". I mean, full fledged, on Medicare and Social Security disabled. One was 28 and was disabled due to chronic pain from her obesity. Another was 30 and was disabled because of headaches. Of course, there were the buch with fibro. The one thing that got me was, all of these people drove themselves to the office. They are so disabled that they cant work and get free healthcare as well as checks from the govt, but they can drive! Why cant they get a job driving? For that matter, why cant they get a job putting gas in cars? They all are very good at talking on the phone and texting while at the visit, why cant they get a job doing that?

If the government wants to help decrease the fraud in Medicare and Social Security, I suggest that it revokes the drivers liscence of anybody who is on Social Security disability!


Chrysalis Angel said...

Becareful not to judge too harshly, Throckmorton. It is one thing to get behind the wheel and be able to get yourself to the doctor's. It's another to do it for 8 hrs. or more a day.

My family member has Marie Strumpbell's, and sitting for even 1 full hr. would be unbearably painful for him. Too look at him, you'd never know he was suffering. (He works full time btw) but that is because he has good, decent employers. (They can be hard to find)

And I know first hand, when I was injured I had all I could do to drive myself to my doctor's appts. I drive standard and it was not fun. I still have trouble - but I work too.

The frustrating thing about pain interfering with use, is you can't show it. It isn't something you can see, it isn't something they can palpate. People shouldn't have to be writhing on the floor to be heard that they are suffering. Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Disability for fibro is fraudulent. The best therapy is activity.

SeaSpray said...

I hear you Throckmorton ..but sitting is different than being weight bearing if pain issues involved. Legitimate pain. Don't know about fibro. Some docs think fake. Other docs say valid condition. I don't know truth there. You (and other blogging docs)seem to think it's a bogus condition. If so ..I'd be curious to know why.

I am a patient that you cannot gauge my true pain level by talking with me because I will usually get all perky and chatty and just happy around staff. Unless kidney stone level. Other than that one would know.

I have knee issues. EXTREMELY discouraging! I do not collect disability and have no intention of doing that. There is no reason why I could not work in an office. Haven't looked yet. ER reg ..that's another thing.

I am currently considering my options about knees. Just afraid to take the plunge.

You know some people are milking it ..but others are not.

Ha! I pumped gas when I was 17. It was a lot of fun. :) If one has knee or hip problems ..they could never pump gas. But there must be non weight bearing jobs.

Disability for obesity? It must be the problems it causes?

You gave me an idea for a post. :)