Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not Treat but Street

Up til now, if you went to the ER they would see and treat you regardless of your ability to pay. Often, even if you did not have enough for a prescription, they would give you some medication or at least samples. For these non-emergency condition, the old term was treat and street. This is getting to be no more. First, we cant get sample meds. The Feds are taking care of that. Secondly, the hospital just cant afford it. Unfunded mandates have wiped them out. So, we are now seeing the new trend in EMTALA triage evaluation. If it aint an emergency, you are out of there. If you twisted your ankle and it has a good pulse, you are out of there. (unless you want to pay there and then) . Emergency means you are about to lose your life, limb, eye or baby. If it aint one of these, you get a copy of the phone book with numbers of doctors offices you can call.

One of the hospitals in the area has the same policy for all Medicaid patients. These patients dont get the list of phone numbers, they just get the number of the Medicaid service agent because there are no docs in the area that will take them.


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Good morning Throckmorton!

Maybe I misunderstood, but I remember our hospital administrator, along with some people from our mother hospital discussing EMTALA and MDCR with us in a meeting.

And they said that hospitals can't refuse emergency patients without ins unless they are private facilities.

And if a patient is refused ..the hospital could receive very heavy fines. And there was something about transfers in there too. But's been awhile and you said "new trend in EMTALA triage evaluation".

Of course ..even if pt isn't seen ..they will get a triage bill. I can just see how well that will go over.

Can't blame the hospitals. I worry about the domino effect of hospital closures.

It's really getting screwed up even more ..isn't it? I wonder if a new administration will be able to reverse or improve the worst things? or will these things be carved in stone?

And mdcr is just getting ridiculous. I read that article over at WC's blog regarding observations. 5 week pt and not considered admitted but observation status? Sheesh!

I called my ins co the other day and they had something new in the queue ..right up front. They directed people looking for insurance who have pre-existing conditions. Not that it was a bad thing ..but it bothered me because I instantly wondered what will happen to our fabulous health ins? How much will it end up costing down the road?

I can't even let myself think about how they passed this bill against the majority of the American people.

Have a great day! :)

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