Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chicken Little Syndrome

One of the problems we have in the ED is people lying about their symptoms to be seen sooner, or to be seen by a MD instead of a ARNP or PA. With the ED filled with people who really dont need to be there, some people who also dont need to be there think that they can lie about their symptoms and get in faster. Mind you our triage nurses are pretty adept at determining who is and is not reatl. This weekend though one got through the cracks. He was in the ED trying to get an excuse for missing a meeting with his parole officer. He thought he would tell the nurse that he had chest pain, then when he got back explain that it was his ulcer that was bothering him and get a script and go home. Anyway, before he could say anything they hooked him up to an ekg and he got his wish, he was right back. In fact he was right back through the ED and straight to the CCU and then to cardiac cath. He kept trying to explain that it was his ulcer and all he needed was an excuse. The third degree block on the EKG said different. Turns out he never really had an ulcer, he has a new bypass though and by the way he got an excuse for missing his next parole officer meeting.

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SeaSpray said...

I don't blame people for wanting to see the *Doctors*.

I would always want to see the ones with the most training,skill and experience.

But I would never lie.

On the other hand ..when it comes to me at home ..when I know I should call my doctor ..I will sometimes put it off ..hoping it will work it's way out or go away ..before I call to bother them.

Yet ..I admonish my friends not to fool around and call their docs when they have certain symptoms.

The old "Don't do as I do as I say." advice.

Thankfully the patient got the care he apparently needed.