Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yellow Omega Sign

(on the inside bottom corner of the patient chart) One of our internist was really upset today. He is one of the most caring physicians I have met. He was beside himself. It turns out that a patient had demanded narcotics and he said no. As a result the patient went onto a physician rating site at slammed him so that if you Google his name, that rating turns up. That made me wonder. If patients can anonomously rate docs, why cant docs do the same for patients?

When I was a resident, we would put a yellow Omega sign on the inside bottom corner of patients charts who were crazy or obnoxious. That way the poor sod who had to take care of them next would be prepared. I wonder how we can do that now in the digital age? Think of it, we could identify those that are faking disability, those who are hypochondriacs, those who are noncompliant, drug seekers, the whole bit.


SeaSpray said...

I know that must feel frustrating and in the internist's case,AWFUL.

It is a horrible feeling to be wrongfully accused,misjudged,when you know you are NOT that person. I feel for him. Also,anyone that knows him will vouch for him (just as you have) because his good character will shine through and win out.But,I know his concern is for the online info.

I would think anyone with common sense would know that they may not be a reliable rating, *especially* if a bad one.After reading your post,I went to see if my comment about my urologist was still in vimo. I wrote it a couple of years ago or more. (unless I'm remembering the name wrong) and I wrote a nice paragraph and signed my 1st name and last initial. And after that someone else wrote something nice about him. But they've changed the site and I couldn't even pull him up. Anyway ..I just gave him & office 5 stars all the way down in HealthGrades. But,the number of reviews didn't jump up and so not even sure if it took. Sometimes I wonder how accurate with info these sites are and at the time Vimo gave him a wrong middle initial.

But before that I ended up in a site (dr something),saw 3 nice comments about him-"awesome" "The MAN & adore him" & 3rd one was nice too.I can attest to all of them being true.I always tell people,even him ..that I adore him. :) I would've written something if not tired.

I appreciated being able to go through the sites when contemplating surgery in 07, looked the operating surgeon up. Speaking as a patient I like being able to read about the doc, see the office ..get a feel and it helped me at the time.Back to the ratings,I read them,but always know they could be exaggerated or not true.

On line,I care most about the doctor's credentials, hospital affiliations, office location and if they have a website to view office, etc. Pictures nice too.

I think WOM is important,but I put *far more* importance when WOM is from speaking directly with the person. I even ask my doctors for physician recommendation because I know they know me & I *trust* they would steer me to a good one.

Physician reputation does matter because as a patient, particularly if it is a serious situation,you want the best,you want to feel confident and it helps to know they are recommended. Whenever someone has told me I would like the doc..I have.If it's negative,I do consider the source.I have stayed with certain docs,even after told a negative because they were good for me. And people are going to have different experiences. But good recommendation have been right on for me.

Opinions matter when you don't know the institution or the people involved. I find I do listen & now that I have something important coming up I am now in info seeking mode again.

Physicians are fortunate because you have an advantage in that you know exactly what you need, the best doctor to go to and the best places for treatment.

Your colleague's rep will be fine because he sounds like the kind of doc patients love and respect. WOM from real life/off line people spreads.:)Especially today,where the trend is for physicians to push people through,thanks to ins companies. Patients will cherish the docs who really make the effort to care for them.

I have raved about a surg ctr I had been a patient at & the responses were "Oh Really?" "Where is that? I never noticed it." One friend was so interested that I asked if someone in the fam needed surg and she said "No, but it's good to know." She took the info I provided.

"Think of it, we could identify those that are faking disability, those who are hypochondriacs, those who are noncompliant, drug seekers, the whole bit."

I've heard there is a way to flag in the system. Which could be good or bad. The record follows the patient & had better be accurate, if they are being labeled.

SeaSpray said...

Our younger son will be 22 in October and so will benefit by being able to stay on the plan. So I am happy about that. But the other stuff far outweighs that.

But and this is so stupid IMO, he has a 30 day grace period in which he is still covered - so to early November.

We have to enroll him in a COBRA that is cheap and does not cover catastrophic or major medical. The only thing it covers is surgical, in patient and 20,00 per day for physician visit.

And there is a waiting period before coverage starts. But then my husband can enroll him back on the plan during this time and he will be back on the good plan he has been on since 1988, effective Jan 1st.

He rarely is sick or sees a doc or needs any meds. But I am putting him on Cobra ..because ..Insurance insurance and God forbid you need it and don't have it.

My second thought is I don't want to take any chance that if we didn't enroll him ..that allowing a gap in coverage might somehow preclude him from coverage.

I asked why they were doing it like this because I just heard that it is in effect. The ins rep said it doesn't apply to federal insurance. So is misleading on the news. It is not an across the board automatic continuation of coverage.

I just hope this doesn't provide some opening for the ins co to drastically increase our premiums. Also ..I keep hearing how premiums are already jumping up for people, but ours have not. I am concerned what will happen with the new year.

When I think of this plan being pushed through without being read and then touted as the savior plan for the people ...I just can't stand it.

I think it is gonna be one interesting election night in November.