Saturday, September 11, 2010

Redirect ala-Michelle O

It is bad enough to have hospitals dump patients on you but now with all the healthcare changes, they are following Michelle Obama's plan as well as her husbands. Becuase everyone's health care costs are going up and this Medicaid expansion means no one can afford to take care of those with it, hospitals are following Michelle Obama's South Side (of Chicago) Healthcare Care Initiative. Before the patient even has a chance to enter the hospital, they are met by a person who encourages them that it would be better for them to go somewhere else and they will even pay for the cab or bus ride to get there. This is exactly what she devisedd when she was a VP of U of C in Chicago and even had David Axelrod promote it.

So, we are now having patients arrive not by ambulance but by cab and airport limo!

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SeaSpray said...

Hi Throckmorton - It's just so frustrating... and underhanded. Why can't they see how they are adding to the already burdened HC system and it will catch up with everyone at some point?

I was reading comments in Kevin MD and decided to follow this Dr back to her blog because I wanted to see what it was professionally/legally that she couldn't forgive. And while reading ..I came across an older post about Michelle Obama and patient dumping that ties into your post.

And thought you may find this and her blog interesting since you often write about medical/legal, etc.